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Fix, Don’t Fixate.

I look at the world, how everybody sees life as an inevitable combination of good and bad, clarity and confusion. How they accept “problems are part of life.” So I sit down in my head sometimes and see what problems I could have. Well, the fact that I have to make an effort shows there’s no apparent problem. But one or two things do come to mind. Change is one. Then again, I’m trying hard to see them that way. Okay. So what do I do? No one’s going to answer that for me. I have to decide whether I should go looking for them to fill up the problems corner in my head or just completely do away with that territory. When I have an option, will I ever choose the undesirable one? I didn’t. If I can do nothing about a problem, it’s not worth worrying about. Problems are what I think are problems. My decisions matter. They’ve made me who I am. When I can keep away the negative stuff, I unconsciously retain those that allow me to remain strong and happy. Invincibile is what I decide I am. I dream of people and things that don’t change. Because I don’t. I don’t adapt unnecessarily. So I have a beautiful relationship with nature. The green and the blue. And my joy rests in thoughts about that kind of rarity in someone, someone that need only haunt me occasionally.

for you | for diwali

a battle between
light and sound
is every burst of cracker;
light wins every round
the bang comes
rumbling after

I am humbled
by what you are
all my love just scatters;
you rip through my heart
my words come
tumbling after

Creature from Abstention

mind’s not hollow, but sound
it’s my wish
to run around
or stand my ground

thank you, conscience
for choosing what not to do
that’s what makes me
what I was, what I am

no peers can pierce
fierce fire inside burns
doesn’t turn me
I yearn nothing

I never do what the world does
senseless doings
all that fuss
such disgust

I won’t, no, I can’t follow
I’m quite busy doing my thing
I’m busy
bent on being me

Cosmic Heart

sanctuary in my head
holds moments perpetual
I haunt that place often
a sweet kind of ritual
neurons light up there
spark beautiful little stars
a universe that runs on you
coursing my wired heart



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Eternal Realm


I am giving away a sample iBook/PDF of my One Flew Over The Heart: Book of Poems.

It contains twenty beautiful poems. My poetry is simple and heartwarming–about nature, love, woman, dreams and thoughts, love for words, and to the world.

Here’s what a regular reader of my poetry has to say:

A wonderful collection of poems… coming to life in so many formations: words that could soothe you with hope and love… like balm… Words springing true and honest from the heart of this poet. A romantic in her voice and modern in her senses, Nitya mesmerizes us with her quirky wit and her noisy play with language. Her thoughts about life, woman, and nature reveal a modern-time hermit with not a lamp but a mere pen to straighten the world around her. I simply love my copy of the book… worth many reads!!!

If it…

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I begin with this simple question: Why do you need a god at all? It is the highest form of unnecessariness. For thousands of years, humans have only just believed, they never think about what they believed in.

Instead of going back to word origins, I give the word I’m referring to a different interpretation. Everything was created by the creator, who runs the world. It is believed this person makes all good things happen, but also bad things, but with “good intention.” This person is the ultimate. Hence, theism. The best that that word ever does, then, is make it easy to understand what atheism is. Is it a rule of the fabric of nature that everything has to have an opposite: woman, man; good, evil;… theist, atheist? Is it just for the sake of argument? Everyone, deep inside, knows what is sensible. Yet, somehow some minds choose to remain superficially stubborn. They know that the real cause of much of their “belief” is a consequence of something perfectly un-godly—the simple act of human.

The people I am talking about, the ancients, are the creators. They, in every sense, created the “creator.” People back then did not have much to keep their minds occupied with, so they began to imagine: they painted hundreds of characters, gave them various guises. They practically told stories to appreciate the good and condemn the bad—two very natural qualities—in the world. When things got out of hand and people started believing in the existence of these characters, nobody chose to separate fact from fiction. Of course, the ones who told these stories decided to write them down. By then, the world was probably also divided into heaven and hell, to reward the good and punish the bad. People who came after them read these scripts and assumed all that to be true. They were impressed by the great feats and horrific struggles and applied sentiments to the characters. All of this was passed on to every next generation. It is heartbreaking that consistently the majority of each generation successfully succumbed to such factuated fiction.

If all that happens is predetermined by “god,” isn’t that a way of saying that everything that happens is natural and that no matter how much you pray, nothing is going to change? Everything follows the course of nature, and if something turns undesirable, the only way to change it is to act. This act, again, is natural, because humans, the ones that act, are part of nature. Now isn’t that sensible than believing in and waiting for something nonexistent to do it for you. That’s not any different from a child asking Santa for presents—because it’s the parents who bring the presents! Just like children outgrow that illusion, they must outgrow this delusion.

Another thing I observe in the realm of illogical belief is an immense need to satisfy, or get along with, others. Then why are you a separate individual? Why think and do for others and lose your identity, your uniqueness, in the process? You have absolutely no obligation to follow someone. It is as foolish to worship a fellow human being as it is to believe in something that is not.

Everything in life belongs to one of two categories: necessary and unnecessary. It all depends on the individual. Let me put it this way: Necessary includes all things you cannot live without. I don’t just mean the “basic needs”—your interests are necessary, the important people in your lives are necessary, all things a reasonable, sensible way of life brings are necessary.

Everybody in the world is trying harder every day to be different. Now that hits the top of the unnecessariness list: the very want to be different is unnecessary. All you have to do is remain yourself, and the much desired difference is manifest.

Effortlessly,  magnificently.

I am who I am not because of the things I chose to do but what I chose to not do.

Trying to be someone that is completely affected by the world around is the first step to creating that… inner war, if you will. The pace of this world may affect you in a million different ways. May, because it’s totally in your hands to let that happen.

Peer pressure—This one thing can, to put it simply, demolish your self. People let themselves be directed by what others are doing. Why? What is it that you do with your own brain—just follow? All you got to do is take a few minutes and think. It sometimes bothers me so much to know that people around me are living a lie—a life running on the choices of others. You were born, you are living. Why would you ever want others to influence you so much that you withhold your instincts just to satisfy them? It is not that difficult to stand back for a minute and check out what on earth you have been doing. Do that. It will show you haven’t been quite you all this while.

You are not animals. You need not flock together or live in herds. Every human being is an individual by nature, with their own mind and heart. It is so sad that so many brains and hearts go unused by the body they belong in. Because of all the preconceptions about life, everybody just moves along an already laid path. And it pains me when I see those matter to me sail away on the same boat.


© Nitya Swaruba, 2018

Ruler of Time

There’s time. All the time in the world. I can own it. But I don’t have it. And I can’t fathom why I don’t create it. I become its victim—running for most of it, hurrying to finish things, forgetting to stop and look, see and be amazed at the beauty that exits outside the time shell. A schedule is good, but not one that exhausts the day. It is very important to do nothing for some time every day. Nothing. Time and place are the only two spots one constantly fills without effort. There’s a time and place for everything, literally. And nothing is part of everything.
Time isn’t a resource; it’s a nonexistent thing given form inside clocks. Time is an invention—a thing to count with, to plan, execute, and finish. Now, when to finish is what I let time decide. And that’s where things get complicated—when I give time a mind of its own, when I say things like “time waits for none.” Time is like the road—it takes me to the finish line, but I am the one that gets there. Time just stays. So it does not really have a choice of waiting or not waiting for me. Yet, I believe it because I let myself be part of the whole world that is clockworked into it. There’s a race. I want to get ahead of others. No one ever realizes that everybody is at the same point in time at any point in time. People have money, they compete, and time is the only weapon that can make that crucial difference. Still, they say they need longer days. Well, who made day twenty-four hours? People!
And then there’s time management. Now, managing time does not mean lining up tasks to fill the whole day. When I let time control this, the goal is reached, but not in the way I wanted. Eight hours to be productive. Eight hours to rest and replenish. And then there’s eight hours left for me to be the ruler of—time with which I can decide what to do or not do.
Clocks will always tell me what they are programed to, from everywhere I look. I just need to realize I have the power to rule the twenty-four hours that determine my life’s day and night. I need not let myself be constrained by these man-made, number-ticking time bombs.

I have a choice to unfollow the crowd. Evolve into timelessness.
It’s time… it’s always been!

© Nitya Swaruba, 2018

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