i let my lifeboat go
it can only take me
to a world
i’d rather not know



Every last word I write
is worth my first.
I use it to glean
the heart of every feeling.
It takes me places I’ve never been.
I have urges to turn back time
not knowing why.
I decide to ride with it sometimes.
Sometimes I just want to shoot
way into the future.
See if all that I hate is gone.
So I’d be free of thoughts
of righting wrongs.
Lay there with songs
and vague remains
of a distant friend…
As life ticks on
in soi-disant rhythm.


weak in the mind
for signs you wait
put your trust
in effing fate
in a cue queue
you live
a lie
time goes by;

life smiles
a sad one
you stand
amid this grapevine
your pretense
making no sense
in fear you give ear
to your heart
I opine
you hear me
you decide
never again
to get in line.

©Nitya Swaruba. 2017