My First Book—One Flew Over The Heart

Hello everybody. My book of poems, One Flew Over The Heart, is finally out! I’ve got to say… it is just b e a u t i f u l ❤️. I am thrilled and wanted to tell you all. So here’s a short video about it (choose HD):One Flew Over The Heart: Book of Poems

I’m hoping my poetry will reach more people now. Please share this post and tell your friends and family about it. Thank you very much 😊

You can buy the book at,,

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Play. Win or Die. (a season three Game of Thrones poem)

on King’s Landing
when the Hand’s head rolled
stories untold unfolded
of sisters and brothers
men and men
Littlefinger’s whores
the city’s galore
A stick king made it
O he makes one vomit
The good turn bad
the heart goes
to a slayer, a brat
to beauty that schemes
Another frees slaves
risen from a grave
Dracarys fire
burns liars, deniers
Children scattered
Snow doesn’t matter
Wherever Varys is
he hears it all
Wildfire spreads
A win ’cause of Tywin
brings more to this story grim
With no mercy
orders Tyrion and Cercei
to do what they’d rather not
wed a child
and a man whose not the sort
Greyjoy’s sorrow fills
has him wishing
he was instead killed
Among all this
there’s a mystery yet
babies taken
in the darkness
not much talkers
of that kind
the White Walkers…!

I’m bare

Everything I see
now you know
with every letter
I laid it out
I stand here naked
with this piece
in your name
I’m bare
I’d rip my chest
give you the heart
but it’s just a grenade
ticking away
you pulled its string
in a time
long past.

colored inertia

sky too bright, less blue
frayed white clouds
pulled apart
a lonely orange house
clothesline full
green patches of land
grazing lives pass by
tiny pink flowers
just doing their job
being pretty
not much wind
yet there’s a chill.
I move with speed
beside a brown river
on a gray path
leading somewhere
as nature
stands still.

something new

I met a girl years ago
just a someone
at workplace;
I met her again
in the recent past
there’s a bit of charm
now, some grace.

It’s a wonder
what time does,
takes you places
brings you back;
the universe rearranges
to give us something
we’ve never had.


When I open my eyes
I see bright light;
I squint
until colors come into focus
of a painting on the wall,
a present from her.
Morning begins…

I close my eyes
for five more seconds.
I wake again and see
an hour has passed.
My feet touch the chill floor
I feel life in my legs
I get off the bed
and then
Day begins.


Walking on the subway
is like going through a maze.
Pulling my clothes, my bag
close to me
making sure to not touch
the sides of this maze,
the walls.
All I look for
is the light
that will lead me out,
or a locomotive
that will take me someplace.