faraway canoe

people standing

on water

©️Nitya Swaruba



All that a perfect world is is a hypothetical noun. If you assume you’re living in one, you don’t know squat. You can’t tell good from evil. Your dangerous indifference makes you vulnerable. The construal of every individual is conditioned and contorted. The supposed evil constitutes just a few—liars, rapists, murderers—from a cloaked, growing abyss of many. The supposed good does not always constitute goodness—those that allegedly shun evil, those busy stereotyping, judging, silently rooting for what they desire. And then there are powermongers ruling every last bit of land, disguised as do-gooders. A new kind of evil good is created every day. Every person that is ignorant of common sense and morality is evil. Things in this world count only if you have money to count. People don’t help people. Help offered by those who have the power is more superficial and commercial than it is helpful.

Staying away from all that seems easy, but it is not right. On some levels, being unaware is evil in its highest form. Don’t create evil. See, hear, and speak it. It is the best help you can offer yourself and the world around you.

©Nitya Swaruba

It’s NOT Complicated.

I’m simple. And so are my choices, my life. And that makes it hard for you to get me. You only understand complication. Cause that’s what’s rampant. You’re the enabler of that. I hate that phrase: it’s complicated. Nothing is. It may be a bit of a long story, but it is still clear. You just use it to avoid talking about it. Why? Talking is the best action to solving anything. When you talk, things fall into place. You lay out the picture yourself and can decide whether to frame it or chuck it. Yeah. I think whatever I’ve felt, thought of, or yearned for—no matter how absurd, crazy, or utterly imaginative—I talk about it, ask it. The answer to every question in the world is basically yes or no. So when you simplify your thoughts and put them in words, you will get a yes or no right away and you can make your choice and carry on. Making decisions is part of existence. There’s nothing out there that “works in mysterious ways.” Why voluntarily let mysteries and difficulties be part of life? Solve your problems by talking and asking. Uncomplicate your circumstances. You own your life, and you deserve to live it as simple as it is to breathe.

© Nitya Swaruba

They said they had proof, until…

For some, god exists; for some, god does not exist. I heard somewhere that faith is what you have, not what you know.

Even though I consider it an unnecessary venture, I explore the Internet to see how this is dealt with. I saw a video on science finding proof of the existence of god. At least that’s what the caption said. I was sitting there waiting for solid proof. They had it—“the Universe,” they said. Bah! And my enthusiasm deflated with a sigh!

I paraphrase here their so-called proof:

The universe [yep, not just Earth] is able to sustain life! How can that happen without “someone” wanting it to be that way? How is it that there was light, oxygen, water, and all things that enabled us to thrive? This fact is enough to prove that there is god. Scientists say we would not exist if the big bang had occurred a fraction of a second sooner to later. So someone set an alarm! And then, the universe was landscaped by that creator so that they could later choose Earth, which had all the goodies, to create life to live there and play with it. [So god had a purpose—us. And now millions run around seeking their purpose!]

Let me think… hmm. If they say all this was done so we can breathe oxygen and get suntanned, doesn’t that completely ruin the beauty of possibility. [Oh yes, they also talk about this proof defeating probability, and give some lottery statistics to “explain” that life has no chance unless someone intended it. Which does not help in any way.] Anyway, life happens where it is possible. Not where everything has been prepared in anticipation of life. There are barren lands, then there are tropical forests. That is possibility. Possibility in nature. Not all plants in the world grow on lands that were “made” fertile. Plants grow from concrete, for crying out loud!

First of all, I don’t know why people need a god to exist. Why go to such lengths trying to prove there’s one. Just to give credit when good happens and place blame when bad happens? I am rational enough to know there isn’t one… in the pure sense of the word.

So, ultimately, I was left frustrated with their limited capacity to think even after what we’ve all been through: the religious ones, the atheists, the agnostics, the ones worshipping a higher power, and me.

I only dislike videos that are thumbnail bait, but for this one I clicked thumbs down quite involuntarily.

creature of abstention

mind’s not hollow, but sound
it’s my wish
to run around
or stand my ground

thank you, conscience
for choosing what not to do
that’s what makes me
what I was, what I am

no peers can pierce
fierce fire inside burns
doesn’t turn me
I yearn nothing

I never do what the world does
senseless doings
all that fuss
such disgust

I won’t, no, I can’t follow
I’m quite busy doing my thing
I’m busy
bent on being me

A review of my book of poems

One Flew Over The Heart

Every poem is meaningful with gusts of color.

This anthology of poems is more like a life story in the form of poetry. Every poem is meaningful with gusts of colours. Containing musings and long stanzas, the book is divided into various sections. These sections allude to the poet’s cogitations. Month of August, her dreams and loved ones, the poet includes everything that inspires her to write, filling every poem with plenty of positivity. The reader gets lost in the world of dreams that the author has created. Here you will find a poem to suit every mood. From relationships to breakups, from butterflies to chirping birds , from the ravishing sun to chilling winter, a whole new world of everything beautiful on earth that can be described through words, has a part to play in this book by Nitya Swaruba.

There are immensely creative poems worth mentioning like, from the humour section, “The F-word,” “My Reign” from “for me” section and “wish” from “for dream | for thought” section, respectively . Most of the poems talk about the influence of the lady love in her life. Almost in every section you find at least one poem dedicated to her partner. [That’s flattering! Though there are specific inspirations, I prefer the female pronoun as it adds beauty to my poetry]. The theme of dreams also forms a major part of her poems.

The one thing that is a plus point is the presentation of the poems. The titles like “frustappointment” are quite amazing. The poems are vibrant reads. They flow like soothing winds. Read them no matter which emotion is dominating your life. You will surely find words that will perfectly relate to your situation.


A review of my book of poems


This anthology of poems written by Nitya Swaruba is highly impressive. These sensitive poems are like different hued, sparkling, glittering beads woven on one strong and successful string. The gamut of emotions compiled in these poems has to be experienced in order to be understood. The poet has sauntered into the various spheres of life. Imagery has been used more than often in all her poems. Calling the sun invincible, and the rain elixir of life gone wild, how nature plays a prank is simply excellent in its depiction.
Then there is the positive and optimistic attitude in “random resolution” and “my tree of life” which fascinates the reader. The poems are bubbling with philosophical thoughts, “money’s just a lethal device,” and “time is here even if it’s on its way.” If one reads between the lines, one can see wise messages interwoven, like “whatever you plan to do in the world just remember NOW is the word.” The lines “every dream is my own a foggy brew of my illusions” is simply remarkable. One can go on and on. The poet’s keen observation is clearly visible in her work. As Wordsworth said “In vacant or in pensive mood, they flash upon the inward eye,” these poems are certain to haunt the mind of the reader long after they have finished meandering through them.


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